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Welcome to Designer Shoe Authority, a web site by people who love designer shoes, for people who love designer shoes! We’re all about getting that perfect pair of name brand, designer shoes, without the name brand price tag! Check out our articles, hints and tips for shopping for and more importantly, getting that amazing deal on those shoes you’ve been searching for.

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Please bear with us, as we are a rather new web site and will be adding more articles, shopping tips and buying guides as we go. We have also just added our brand new shoe blog, that will feature shorter articles, notifications on special and last minutes sales on heels, shoes, boots and anything footwear related. Plus, we’re in the middle of planning our first giveaway contest as we speak. You’ll just have to enter your name and email address for a chance to win brand new, name brand designer shoes. So make sure that you check back with us, as once the contests are available and online, they will be posted on our new blog.

As you may have also noticed, we’ve recently added some new banners for free designer shoe coupons and some other great deals. We’re really hoping to be able to find a way to secure some deals to get you coupons for some of the top designers like Christian Louboutin and many others, so be sure to stay tuned for our updates!

A little bit about us:

Jillian has worked in retail boutiques for over ten years, specializing in casual wear and footwear. From heels and pumps to sneakers, she’s bought and sold them all. She was a buyer for several fashion boutiques in New York City, that sell both used and new clothing and shoes in their various departments, respectively.

Cindy is a shoe designer and loves all things vintage, when it comes to clothes, that is. She designs prototype shoes for major companies in the industry, and is currently working on a book all about vintage footwear.

Cathy worked for many years as a professional Chef, before realizing that shoes were too much of an obsession, and that she simply had to work in fashion in some way. She started by working for a clothing design and manufacturing company, then decided to work selling clothes on the retail market. She has sold clothes for many different shops and boutiques on the East coast and writes a weekly column on fashion, shoes and style for a large Metropolitan newspaper.