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There are many choices available for anyone that’s looking for a pair of quality performance shoes. By performance shoes, I mean shoes that are designed specifically for running, sports and exercise. Your options can vary greatly by price, style, durability and overall quality of the shoe. However, if you’re really looking for nothing but the best, Nike has the air max line of sneakers, that are ideal for any activity in which you’d be wanting a quality performance shoe. And, if you shop smart, you can get a pair of cheap air max shoes that you won’t regret buying one bit!

Nike has been a staple in the shoe and sneakers world for years now. Their name is synonymous with quality, attention to detail and with producing rugged, durable sneakers that can take what you throw at them. And now, with Nike’s release of the air max line of sports sneakers, they’ve created even higher quality shoes specifically designed for active, high performance activities. And scoring a deal on a pair of cheap air max will make it even more of a win – win situation for you.

Now while were talking about how to get these shoes at a big discount (or even at wholesale prices in some instances), there is a word of warning. Make sure that you only buy real, authentic Nike shoes. There are a few unscrupulous companies out there that are selling fake ‘Nike’ shoes, and trying to pass them off as cheap air max. The companies are normally located in China, and are experts at forging big companies shoes. They usually target big name brands like Nike, as they try to fake the rare, more expensive sneakers from their line of shoes.

So when looking for cheap air max sneakers, and especially if you’re thinking about buying them wholesale from any company in China, check the following to make sure that you’re getting the real thing:

Always read the fine print on any web site that you might be thinking about buying your cheap air max from. Be sure to look out for the word variants, as it’s often used on site selling fake Nikes as a way of making ‘fakes’ sound more legit. If you’re shopping on a site like Ebay or Amazon, be sure to check the seller’s feedback rating and comments. Do they seem reputable, or are there a lot of complaints from people who purchased shoes from them?

cheap air max

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get on to were you can score some cheap air max shoes at a big discount. Rule number one is to shop online! If you were to go to any mall, you’ll quickly see that all of the stores price these shoes (if they even carry them) pretty much the same. They all do this on purpose, and usually don’t offer many sales or deals on them either. However, on the internet there’s much more competition, and all of the sites are trying to be the lowest price possible. It’s the complete opposite of the mall!

Also, there are many sites like Amazon, that not only allow private sellers and companies to sell things, but actually sell products themselves. Amazon often gets incredibly low prices on items that you’re buying directly from them (not from one of the third party sellers on Amazon) because they buy huge wholesale quantities in bulk, which allows them to pass the savings on to you. Plus, when you buy from either Amazon or Ebay, they both offer customer satisfaction and buyer protection policies, so you’re covered if a seller didn’t live up to their promises. This is just yet another place to score some cheap air max.

I have a friend that was looking for the special edition Lebron air max sneakers last year. They were a special, limited edition pair of shoes issued to commemorate Lebron being called the 2010 MVP. They had a cool look, fly wire side panels, gray fleece lining and the Nike logo made of chenille. They weren’t available at any of the local stores, and to order them online from one of the first few web sites he found searching for them online would have cost him a fortune. He knew that he must be able to find a better deal on them on the internet, if he just kept looking.

Here’s an important internet shopping tip that you need to keep in mind any time that you’re shopping for something online, go through the top twenty to thirty results. It’s now a well known and proven fact that most people who search for something on the internet only visit or have a look at the top three or so results that they get from the search engine. Why? It’s quite simple, laziness. Most people don’t want to take a couple of extra minutes to go through all of the results, so they simply accept that the price of the top three sites listed is what they’ll have to pay, this simply isn’t true!

The reason that the top sites listed tend to be the most expensive sites to buy from is because they spend a lot of money to get those top search engine positions. When you scroll down a bit a check out some of the other sites you’ll see that they tend to not be as high in position, yet have far better prices, as they’re actually passing the savings on to you. So, when you’re starting your search for a pair of discount air max for cheap on the web, be sure to check all of the sites in the first two or three pages of search results, as well as checking at discount sites like Amazon, Ebay, Zappos and Now back to my friend’s search…

Finally after digging through the search results for an hour or more, he stumbled across a site that had some cheap air max shoes in his size, brand new (never worn), but they didn’t have box and had been ordered by someone who had then sent them back, without even trying them on. For those reasons they simply could not be sold as “new”, so because they were “used” he got them at almost fifty percent off what he would have paid retail! It just goes to show you that no matter what it is that you might be shopping for, there’s almost always a deal to be had, if look long enough, and in the right place.

So if you’re looking for a pair of cheap air max shoes, shop online, be diligent and do your research and you’ll be sporting those new sneakers sooner that you ever thought possible, and not to mention with a huge smile because of all of the money that you’ve saved.

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