Cheap Boat Shoes

The sun in out, there’s a balmy breeze wafting by and the water looks gorgeous. It’s a beautiful summer day, a perfect day to go out on the water. Whether it’s sailing, motor boating, fishing or just having a few drinks and relaxing on the boat, fashionable boat shoes are a must have. Now because of how their made and the brand names that they usually carry, boat shoes can get quite pricey. Now I know what you’re thinking, you want awesome, stylish, designer shoes, without spending too much money on them. Well, listen up, we’re going to tell you how to get some cheap boat shoes, and save a lot of cash.

For whatever reason whether it’s because of their style, look of status, or how comfortable they are, boat shoes have been gaining a lot of popularity recently. And for years they were only made for men. Now there are elegant women’s boat shoes, too, available from nearly all off the top manufacturers and designers.

Boat shoes first originated from the Sperry Shoe Company, they were first invented and designed by it’s owner, Paul Sperry. The story goes that he was working on the slippery deck of his boat one day and slipping and sliding all over the place. So he decided to put his expertise in shoe deign to use to find a solution. He immediately set to work and created the first ever boat shoes. They were instantly a hit, both for there great utility and use, as well as a status symbol of sorts (implying that “I have a boat.”).

Sperry boat shoes are known to be made of the highest of quality. They use only the best leather available, and then treat it with a special oil to make them waterproof. They use real brass for the lace holes, and there are all stitched by hand (even double stitched in some instances). They really are the superior boat shoe, and all other brands are just imitators. If you want the highest in quality, durability and style, go with Sperry for sure. And if you are diligent, you can get some cheap boat shoes made by Sperry!

As with anything these days, if you really want to get a deal on a pair of cheap boat shoes, start by shopping on the internet. There’s more options in regard to style, brand names, colors and sizes. Not to mention that there’s a lot more competition among stores online, that’s definitely a good thing! If you’re at all worried about the shoes not fitting right if you buy them online, just head to a store that carries boat shoes and try them on, you can always go back home and buy them online when you know that they fit right.

If you have a smart phone (like a droid or iphone), be sure to download an app called “Barcode Scanner”. In most cases it’s completely free, or you might be able to find a similar app that does the same thing for free. This is a great little app to have on you whenever you’re shopping around for cheap boat shoes, or anything else for that matter. You can try on the shoes and make sure that you know the size that will fit your feet best, then you simply scan the barcode from the shoebox on your phone and it records all of the information, and better yet, shows you all the sites it could find selling those exact same shoes on the web and even compares all of their prices for you! Talk about having both an easy and smart way to save money rather then just buying retail.

You might also want to think about buying from a site like Zappos, that offers free return shipping on all orders. So if you order a pair of cheap boat shoes and they don’t quite fit right, you can send them back and exchange them for another pair for free.

Stay away from boat stores! This may seem counter intuitive, but all of those specialty boat stores, whether they be big national chain stores or smaller independent retailers are well known for being way overpriced when compared to any normal shoe store or boating catalog. Because they’re a boat store they simply try to cater to the more “yacht owner” type crowd, and that means selling products of normal quality (and sometimes even poor quality) for much higher prices. You simply won’t find cheap boat shoes there.

Also, check out auctions on sites like Ebay. There are often time great deals on these web sites for shoes that are technically brand new and have never worn, they just can’t legally be sold or offered as “new” because they did have a previous owner, even if that owner never even tried them on once! This usually happens when people receive a gift that they didn’t want or they may have ordered a pair of shoes off the internet that were the wrong size, and couldn’t return them for whatever reason. Just remember to read the seller’s feedback and reviews before you buy. And with any site that you may purchase from online, read their customer satisfaction guarantees and their return policies. These should be fairly easy to find on most well known, reputable web sites.

cheap boat shoes

And by far our most important tip for buying any brand of cheap boat shoes online is to be on the lookout for outlet or stock retailing companies. These are companies that by consumer products in huge quantity. They normally buy them from large retail and department stores that are trying to clear out a lot of stock to make way for the new stock coming in. They by large volumes of stock for next to nothing, then retail them to consumers like you at a huge discount. You can get brand new, name brand products at huge savings from web sites like these.

So if you looking for a great deal on a pair of cheap boat shoes, get on the internet and get shopping! There are a lot more awesome bargains out there then you may think, and you can save big over what you would have paid at any retail store. Good luck to you and happy sailing!