Cheap Wholesale Shoes

So you’ve seen that gorgeous pair of name brand shoes and you almost feel in love with them, then you took a look at the price tag! Don’t despair you don’t need to settle for knock-offs or imitations, you can find cheap wholesale shoes, and yes the real, name brand ones at that, if you know how to shop smart!

No matter what it is that you’re looking for, be it Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren or anything from Coach shoes to Nike air max, most people simply don’t realize that there are lots of different ways to get huge discount and great deals on these name brand shoes, sometimes for as much as seventy percent off what you’d pay in a retail store.

Tip number one is to always shop for cheap wholesale shoes on the internet. Why? Because traditional retail shops and department stores simply have no reason to offer you any deal at all. They all go by the MSRP (Manufacturer‘s Suggested Retail Price). This price sets the guidelines that all the stores at your local mall will use. Other then the occasional five dollar, ten percent off type sales, they really have no reason to offer a bargain, because they’re paying for all of that very expensive retail space, lots of employees, and many other costs that go with a typical retail shop.

On the internet the complete opposite is true. Internet retailers are only paying for the space to store their items, their web sites do the selling for them, and they run on way less overhead. This means that they actually do have both a reason and incentive to give you a deal.

Another reason to only shop online for cheap wholesale shoes is because there’s lots more competition, and that means price wars, wit every site trying to be the one who has the lowest price. That is the complete opposite of all of the stores and shops with the exact same, fixed prices as we discussed above.

cheap wholesale shoes

Buying cheap wholesale shoes doesn't mean passing on high quality!

Yet another reason to shop on the internet is closeout retailers. Closeout retailers are simply companies that go around to stores that are closing and offer them an amount of money to buy all of their stock. Can you see how much volume they’re actually dealing with here? That means that they’re not just buying out one stores huge selection of merchandise, but doing it over and over again. They are always buying in huge bulk amounts of stock, and that means that they always get them for very, very cheap prices. Then they sell them directly to you!

I have personally had a few friends that found high end, name brand shoes and close and literally saved hundreds of dollars on pairs of shoes, leather jackets and more. We’re talking about shoes that retail for two hundred dollars or more, brand new, for around fifty dollars. I’m not joking, closeout retailers are the way to go.

Also, online auction sites like Ebay will often have brand new, brand name items at wholesale prices in bulk auctions. Those are simply auctions where a seller is auctioning of a wholesale quantity of an item (like fifty or more of the same pair of sneakers), and each person bids on one pair. The highest fifty bids will each win their pair of shoes, and only pay their individual bid for them. These types of auctions can literally save you hundreds on name brand shoes, check them out.

As with any site with Ebay, be sure to check out the sellers reputation and comments from past customers to make sure that they’re legit and well respected before you bid. However, most of these web sites have very clearly listed buyer satisfaction policies, so that you can buy with confidence that everything will be the quality that you expected.

It’s not a hard as most people might think to find great deals on name brand shoes on the internet. Just look past the first few search results, check out some online auctions and be sure to check out the closeout retailers online, you’ll be surprised at how many awesome deals that you’ll find. There are lots of cheap wholesale shoes for sale online, just don’t give up, do your research and go get shopping!